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About us

EK Claims Limited are a bespoke, advice company and specialise in assisting with the legal and efficient release from Timeshare Agreements. With the Directors of EK Claims having a combined experience in the field of Holiday Club Membership spanning more than three decades, nobody is better placed to help you relinquish your contractual obligations. Whether you own Points, Fractional Ownership or Fixed and Floating weeks, we can help facilitate their surrender without further liability to you and your family…..guaranteed.

What We Do

Here at EK Claims we pride ourselves on our record of providing a friendly and personal service. We ensure all of our clients receive the most accurate and impartial advice available relating to the specific product that they own and the problems they may be experiencing. Based in prestigious offices in the North West of England, EK Claims work alongside pioneering Law Firms that have accrued years of experience, dedicated to this one particular field. EK Claims offer free consultations during which we will assess the type of membership you own, the company that you own with, legal jurisdiction, current financial commitments and future obligations.  As a result of this fact find, we will consider and discuss your options relating to the release from your agreement, refunds of certain monies you may have paid and/or the possibility of further compensation claims. Whilst this whole process can be quite complex and requires a wealth of experience and legal expertise, we at EK Claims are here to help.

Why Relinquish Your Timeshare?

For the majority of timeshare owners the assurance of affordable, flexible and luxurious vacations was enough of a reason to brave that ‘decision on the day’ scenario and get involved. Millions of people worldwide enjoyed some amazing holidays and despite the bad press here in the UK, the satisfaction level enjoyed by members was extraordinarily high. Unfortunately due to poor sales practices, escalating management fees and inflexibility when it came to booking holidays at the time required and in the location desired, more and more holiday makers became dissatisfied. Today, EK Claims are faced with more disgruntled timeshare owners asking for assistance to relinquish their agreement than ever before. The most common reasons for release that we hear on a daily basis are;

• We can never get the holiday we request as our first choice.
• When we agreed to get involved, our resorts were for members only, now anyone can book and stay.
• Last minute online booking agencies offer the same accommodation as ours but for less than a stay in a budget bed and breakfast.
• Our management fees alone are almost £1000 per week, per annum and rising.
• We have another 40 years, before our contract finally expires.
• I don’t want to leave this as a financial burden to my loved ones.
• We were deliberately lied to at the point of sale.
• As we are getting older, we find we wish to travel less
• My membership has taken the pleasure and excitement out of booking our annual holiday.

All is not lost! EK Claims can now assist you with your relinquishment. If any of the above relate to you and the situation you currently find yourselves in today, then please contact us now for your free, no obligation consultation.

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